Vocalz Iz

SouLyfe Entertainment is the multi-media arm of SouLyfe, LLC.  We develop, produce, and distribute all forms of entertainment from music and books to videos.

Our goal is to create and deliver to the masses, entertainment that not only 
touches the soul; but warms the heart. 

Music that hearkens back to the days of love and romance.  Songs that speak of relationships, the good and bad.  Remember when music was fun and free, uninterested and unwilling to compromise integrity and maturity in the quest for money.

Our artists are molded and developed to be the best.  The best trained, the most rehearsed, the most dedicated, and the hardest workers.

Headlining a stellar roster of talent is "
Vocalz Iz", a talented and accomplished veteran of the music industry.  He not only has the experience, but the pedigree to jump start SouLyfe Entertainment’s foray into the rough waters of the media ocean.

We will kick the door in on an industry 
closed to new comer's and unwilling to provide quality entertainment.

SouLyfe Entertainment, the FUTURE is now.