SouLyfe, LLC Is the brainchild of founder and owner Christopher Saulsberry.  For years he wanted to start a business that would be an outlet for not only his creativity but would allow him to be the master of his fate.  He would come up with ideas and plans to take control of his own future and be his own boss.  He wanted to work for himself and make his dream and other people’s dreams come true.  He wanted to do something that would make his mother proud and set an example for his brother and family that they could become business owners and make an economic impact in and for the community.

Sadly, there seemed to always be something standing in his way of getting SouLyfe, LLC started.  The fear of the unknown, demands placed on him by his traditional job, financial difficulties, 
and finally the illness of Esther S., his mother (the biggest influence in his life) all seemed to be obstacles he could not overcome.

Tragically after losing a hard fought battle with cancer, Esther passed away.  In the midst of being lost and unsure of his next step, Christopher became ill and for a year struggled to regain his health. 
During that time he vowed, “WHEN not IF, WHEN I make it through this, I will make SouLyfe, LLC a reality.”

A man of his word; once he had beaten his illness, In Memory of his mother Esther; Christopher started planning his work and working his plan.  Finally in January of 2016…SouLyfe, LLC was born.

Take notice…WE are coming….

SouLyfe Entertainment.  SouLyfe Merchandising.  SouLyfe Real Estate.  SouLyfe Publishing

The future is ours today.